One Fancy Elephant in the center and four Small elephants Wall-Art large Kalaga
It shows the big elephant headed East in the glass beads circle and four small elephants, two on each sides.

* Hand embossed elephants with pearl beads, golden, brown, and colored cords. red velvet background and red maroon border.
* A very nice hand embellished with pearls and colored glass beads on elephants.
* All beads are intact.

Please Note: Some photos we used flash to show details; the color of the kalaga may be varies a little. Please, wait for detail pictures to down load.

Approx. measurement: W53" x H39" (Height includes 3" hanging loops.)
(134cm x 99cm over a meter wide.)

Originally a Burmese/Myanmar art form. From Chiangrai Province, in Northern Thailand.
Item Code #L-2026. Price 169.00

All of our Kalagas Tapestries Sprayed with Scotch-Gard to protect Fabrics.
It would be very elegant on your wall.

This Kalaga ready to hang by Curtain rod or wooden pole

(Curtain rod or wooden pole Not Included.)