This is one of Art work! Elephants Family Large Kalaga Tapestry or Wall-Art.
Which shows Five Blocks, One Large Elephant in the Center and Four Small Babies on Both Sides. Hand appliquéd the whole piece (background) with golden cords in swirly pattern. It is very unique piece of art.

*Hand embossed the elephants with silver disc sequins, golden and colored cords.
*A nice hand embellished touch with pearls and color beads. Purple saddle on the big elephant.
*Shiny olive-brown silk border. A very beautiful piece of art.
*The whole piece of art is hand embroidered with golden, silver, colored cords, and silver disc sequins.
Some of Kalagas could take up to a year to finished.

Approx. measurement: 54"W x 38"H (Height includes 3" hanging loops) (137cm. x 97cm.)
(Please, wait for detail pictures to down load )
Originally a Burmese art form. From Chiangrai Province, in Northern Thailand.
Item Code #LE1008. Price 179.00

All of our Kalagas Tapestries Sprayed with Scotch-Gard to protect Fabrics.
It would be very elegant on your wall.

This Kalaga ready to hang by Curtain rod or wooden pole

(Curtain rod or wooden pole Not Included.)